Safety Training Courses

Training programs delivered in-person and online with content that fulfills the needs of your industry and your unique operations.

Transportation Standards

Our Transportation Standards courses offer a comprehensive understanding of the industry's best practices, regulations, and safety protocols. Participants will gain valuable insights into the latest transportation standards, covering areas such as logistics, vehicle maintenance, driver safety, and compliance with regional and international regulations. All prices include GST.



Workplace Standards

Our Workplace Standards courses provide essential training on the core principles and guidelines that promote a productive, inclusive, and harmonious work environment. All prices include GST.

Basic Safety

Our Basic Safety courses are designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and skills to identify and mitigate common hazards in various environments. Participants will learn fundamental safety practices, emergency response protocols, and best practices for accident prevention. 

In-Person Training

Connect your team with one of our experts for personalized training at your location or our centre in Sherwood Park, Alberta. In-person training is done in groups, with a minimum attendance requirement. All prices include GST.