Are you ready for your COR audit?

Sep 13 / Liam McConnell
For companies operating in Alberta, the Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit is a critical milestone in demonstrating commitment to Health and Safety. The COR program (or SECOR for small businesses) shows that your Health and Safety Management System has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards established by Partnerships in Injury Reduction.

If your company is preparing for a COR audit, it's essential to be thoroughly prepared. In this guide, we will walk you through some of the key elements you need to have in place to pass your COR audit successfully.

1. HSE Manual:
Ensure that your Health, Safety, and Environment manual includes all the necessary sections and policies required for your industry. Western Safety Consulting can assist you in developing a customized HSE manual tailored to your specific needs and industry standards. This manual serves as a reference guide for your employees or contractors, outlining your safety procedures and policies.

2. Completed Formal Hazard Assessments:
Formal Hazard Assessments (FHAs) identify potential workplace hazards and provide guidelines on how to control them. COR certification cannot be achieved without having FHAs in place. 

3. At Least Six Months of Continuous Safety Documentation:
COR audits require a substantial amount of safety documentation to prove that your safety program is actively in use and effective. Ensure that you have at least six months of continuous safety documentation, including records of safety meetings, incident reports, training records, and safety inspections. This documentation demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a safe work environment.

4. WCB Account:
Having a Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) account is essential for COR certification. This account ensures that your employees and your business are covered in case of workplace injuries. Make sure your WCB account is active and up to date, as auditors may request this information.

Western Safety Consulting is your trusted partner in achieving COR certification. Our experienced consultants can help you develop a comprehensive HSE manual, conduct FHAs, maintain continuous safety documentation, ensure your WCB account is in order, and help with every step of the audit preparation process that we didn’t mention here.

By following these essential steps and working with Western Safety Consulting, you can confidently navigate the COR audit process and set your company on a path to Health and Safety excellence. Contact us today to get started on your journey to COR certification and a safer workplace for your employees. Prioritize safety today to secure a better tomorrow.