Safety Portal

SafetyPortal is web-based, which means that you can access it from anywhere that you have internet at any time. This includes: smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

  • Basic Portal with Training Module – Collection and reporting of training certificates including the notification of expired tickets.
  • IRM (Incident Report Manager) Module – Step by step approach to reporting incidents including documenting incident events, causal factors, lessons learned and action items from the event. System can be set up for notification to key personnel upon completion of the incident report.
  • EVI (Electronic Vehicle Inspection) – To track and document inspections and maintenance records. This system allows for tracking of mileage to be utilized for reporting within pre qualification questionnaires.
  • Behaviour-Based Observation – To track and trend Worker Observing Worker (WOW), hazard ID, and near miss reporting.


Archive Effectiveness and Efficiency:

  • Increases accessibility of data
  • Increases reporting capabilities
  • Increases standardization
  • Reduces time spent filling out paperwork
  • Reduces possibility of improperly filled out reports